The choice to use concrete is one that becomes more apparent every year. Concrete is environmentally friendly, durable and, when properly installed, it will last for decades. It is cost effective because it lasts longer, requires less maintenance and increases the dollar value and resale value of your property.

Use the tabs below to view our concrete products that will help you select the combination of mixes, admixtures and fibers that will best promote the unique results you need to see in your next project.

Our service staff will be happy to assist you, your architect or your concrete installer with the selection process.

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United Materials offers a full line of tested and approved mixes to cover most DOT, Commercial and Residential applications. Special mixes can be designed to meet project requirements of strength, weight and seasonality.


Our admixtures aid in the production of high-strength, durable concrete – a prerequisite for intricate architectural designs.
They allow concrete to flow which may increase application time, improve ease of use and remove the need for mechanical compacting by vibration. They aid in the curing process of the concrete; they prevent the concrete’s components from segregating; after curing they leave the concrete with a smooth and clean surface and ensure an extremely long service life
for the project.


Owners want a beautiful and durable concrete job. Contractors want predictable and crack resistant concrete.
Fiber provides the performance you require plus superior finish-ability.





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