Give us a call and see how Frey Sand and Gravel products are designed to match the requirements of your project. We produce various coarse and fine aggregate products and specialty engineered soil mixes. We also supply a full line of limestone products. Slinger and dump truck services can be provided.

Please note that a number of selected products are available at substations located at the United Materials Concrete Plants and at the Builder Supplies locations. See the locations menu for the site nearest you.

Crushed Coarse Aggregates
Crushed Gravel
A. #1 A (1/4” – 1/8”)
B. #1 B (3/16” – 80 Sieve)
C. #1 (1/2” – 1/4”)
D. #2 (1 1/2” – 1/2”)
E. #3 & #4 (2 1/2” – 1 1/2”)
F. #1 & #2 Blend

Sub Base Coarses
Crushed Stone
A. 2” Run of Crusher Stone
B. 1” Run of Crusher Stone
C. 5/8” Run of Crushed Limestone
D. 4” Crusher Run Limestone

Washed Fine Aggregates
A. Mason Sand
B. Concrete Sand
C. Filter Sand* (Septic Systems)
Coarse to medium grade sand media providing secondary treatment of waste water
or septic tank effluent. Our filter sand is graded within specific limits to provide
uniformity in sizing. This product is approved by the New York State DEC and the Erie
County Health Department as it meets the two parameters used to define and grade
media as a use for filtration material; effective grain size and uniformity co-efficient.
D. Bedding Sand (Dairy & Utility)

A. #1 & #2 Clean Limestone
B. Surge Rock Limestone
C. 3/8” Washed Limestone

Specialty Products
A. Bio-Retention / Dry Swale Soil
B. Engineered Soil Mixes*
Engineered soil is a mix of of processed sand, topsoil and or leaf compost. Engineered soil provides a permanent storm water infiltration process which lowers site storm water run-off and loading of sediment and soluble pollutants.

Engineered soils are incorporated into bio-retention / dry swale basins where native perennial plants help to store, infiltrate, evaporate, filter and slow velocity of storm water run-off. The use of engineered soils can be applied toward LEED certification.

Dump truck and Stone Slinger delivery service can be arranged at your request.